Wwf Oasis Morigerati

Wwf Oasis Morigerati

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Created in 1985 with the aim of protecting its rich ecosystem, the WWF Oasis of Morigerati is one of the most outstanding Karst phenomena in Italy.

Here the Bussento River re-emerges from the bowels of the earth, and creates a system of caves of spectacular beauty, about 6 km further downstream from the La Rupe sinkhole where it disappears. Two wooden bridges allow you to observe the deep gorge carved by the incessant work of the water.

The river has created a mysterious hypogeum among rapids, pools and waterfalls. A canyon covered with lush vegetation, where mosses, ferns, willows, alders grow next to ash, hornbeams, downy oaks and many other spontaneous species.

This uncontaminated location is the habitat of rare and endangered species: the otter, the salamander, the very rare northern spectacled salamander, and then trout, shrimp, crab.

A place where Nature, the one with capital N, gives its best and wins over everything.

As often happens in that “Living Landscape” called Cilento Park, Nature is always and in any case in synergy with man. The path crosses an old mill, proof of a time when the force of nature was subsistence for the man. The rushing water of Bussento was used to grind wheat and get flour for bread.

The area is Site of Community Importance, covers about 607 hectares and is also on the world list of Geoparks.

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