Destination Cilento


...a journey, the moment of the year when you can finally give yourself a good experience for body and soul.

Imagine you are travelling in heavenly nature: fine sandy beaches in front of a crystalline sea, to see the spectacle of the setting sun, hidden bays among rocks overlooking the sea, or a walk in a mountain forest, or along the caves dug by a river, or the power of water in front of a waterfall …. Or imagine you are travelling to a place rich in history, where every corner tells a past, a legend, a deep, millenary, vibrant root. A place where at every step you cross centuries, full of vestiges, full of art, full of culture. Or, again, imagine you are travelling to a place where gastronomy is a form of art so high that it deserves the most prestigious international awards, where the cuisine is so good and healthy to make its inhabitants centenarian, where organic it is not a recent trend, but the most obvious and consolidated reality for those who have always cultivated, reared and fishing with traditional, ancient methods that have nothing to do with industry and its parameters. Imagine you are travelling where parties, festivals, events take place at every corner.

Imagine you can find all this in just one place …

 And don't let it be just an imagination: let it be your next trip!