Urban trekking and cultural tours

Cilento offers infinite cultural itineraries. This land inhabited by Man since half a million years preserves priceless artistic, historical, archaeological and architectural treasures from every era.

This is the place where all the cultures of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East have met for millennia, and the traces of this melting pot are everywhere.

Doing urban trekking in Cilento has a number of advantages:

• all tours are within everyone's reach;

• in addition to the great cultural value, all the places offer dreamlike landscapes and naturalistic contexts;

• the small villages are not places of mass tourism but a Praise of Slowness, natural antidote to the stress;

• they also offer the purest and most authentic Cilento gastronomy, that treasure called the Mediterranean Diet which alone deserves a trip;

• the tours are suitable for any period of the year.

All routes are perfect for both individuals and groups tours.