Wine & food

The culinary tradition of Cilento can boast the recognition of UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.

The Mediterranean Diet is not just a way of eating, but also a way of living and creating synergy with the territory: absolute predominance of fresh, locally produced and seasonal food, extra virgin olive oil, wine.

21 Slow Food Presidia, 14 Ark of Taste Slow Food products and a myriad of typical local products, often so traditional that they are completely unknown to the food industry and absolutely impossible to find elsewhere.

Cilento is one of the few places in the world that still preserves intact an enormous variety of ancient crops and seeds.

Furthermore, the extraordinary flora of the Park offers a huge quantity of wild herbs, used since millennia in cuisine and still today among the most typical recipes.

The tours and tastings proposed gives to travellers the chance to enjoy flavours simply unavailable in the large-scale retail trade, products inextricably linked to the history and nature of this place.

Wine, oil, legumes, ancient grains, charcuterie, cheese and dairy products, meat, fish, cultivated and spontaneous products of the earth, preserved and transformed by the hand of man into traditional food with an unforgettable flavour.