Sea excursions and boat trip

The Cilento sea is considered one of the cleanest in the whole Mediterranean.

International awards annually reward its waters with many FEE Blue Flags and “Legambiente Sails”.

Cilento has 2 Marine Protected Areas, Special Protection Areas (SPA), Sites of Community Importance and, above all, it is a UNESCO World Marine Biosphere Reserve.

The coast of this splendid territory is worth a trip alone, because of its natural wonders, its transparent waters, the flourishing of centuries-old myths and legends, intertwined with “official” history: that's why the Costa del Cilento is called The Coast of Myth.

To do activities are many:

Boat trips

Excursions to marine protected areas

Excursions by sailboat

Boat trips at sunset

Boat trips at night

Boat rental with or without driver