Botanic & Wild Flowers holidays

More than 2200 different botanical species, with more than 200 rare and native plants and extraordinary endemisms: this is what Cilento offer to plant – life lovers.

Exploring the botany and discovering fascinating plants is simply one of the best way to know this magnificent National Park, at the same time it’s hard put to ignore the other super-abundant wildlife of this corner of Italy, so tours give also the chance to spend some time in the middle of the purest and wildest nature.

There are trips for every period of the year: every season has its wonders to show. 

Some of the tours allows to know unique plants and environments impossible to find elsewhere:

The Primula palinuri, the most famous and rare endemism of Cilento National Park, glacial relict survived to the Ice Age, only primrose to grow in coastal environment; it blooms between February and April along the cliffs of Cape Palinuro;

The blossoming in the Orchids’ Valley of Sassano: in Europe, 319 species of orchids have been recorded. 256 of them grow spontaneously in this stunning place. Between April and May, travelers can see an entire valley full of orchids of all colours.

And then again: the lavender of Mount Bulgheria, the primrose of Mount Cervati, … it’s simply impossible to give the complete list, suffice it to say that this place is a true paradise for wildflower enthusiasts.

Botanical tours are led by expert botanist guides and are suitable either for hobby gardeners and complete beginners or keen botanists.