The Masseta Coast and the Gulf

The Masseta Coast and the Gulf

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Scario is by far one of the most beautiful villages on the Cilento coast.

It rises in an enchanting geographical position, where the Coast of Masseta — Marine Protected Area — gives way to the Gulf of Policastro.

Characterized by the typical architecture of seaside villages, it climbs towards the hill with the narrow walls of its houses, typical appearance of defensive constructions against pirate attacks of Middle Age and Modern Age, its alleys, its stone stairs that descend towards the sea, among flowers, steady cats staring at the sun and picturesque shops.

It has a splendid seafront closed by the Church of the Immaculate Conception from which it is possible to admire the last stretch of the coast of Campania, Basilicata with the Christ of Maratea and Calabria.

The name most likely derives from the Greek Escàrion, which means shipyard, and in fact Scario, founded around 1000 BC. from indigenous peoples, became Greek around 470 BC.

Due to its position, it soon became a strategic shipyard: very close to Pixous (today Policastro Bussentino), it is the southern limit of the Kora of Elea.

Throughout its history, it follows the events of the Lower Cilento: the period of splendour of the Roman era, the arrival of the Byzantines at the fall of the Western Empire, the barbarian invasions, the pirate raids, witnessed by the numerous coastal towers, built precisely to defend against this danger live for centuries. Still in the sixteenth century, Scario also suffered the onslaught of privateers, Hayreddin Barbarossa first and then Dragut.

Today Scario is a pearl that shines for its beauty, and for the very high level of cultural initiatives it offers: the Ortega Prize and the Festival Equinozio d’Autunno, which brought artists of world importance to Scario — a name above all, Patti Smith.

The excursion suitable for everyone allows you to savour the unique atmosphere, elegant and popular at the same time. An urban trekking perfect also as phototrekking, for the scenic beauty of the places, and as a shopping tour, for the artisan shops that can be visited.

In addition, boat excursions depart from Scario to the Costa della Masseta, with its unique beaches that can only be reached by sea. In a word, Scario is a must!

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