The Queen Peak

The Queen Peak

Monte Cervati
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Monte Cervati is an inexhaustible treasure of beauty, in all seasons.

With its 1899 m s.l.m. it is the highest peak of the Campania Region.

Its mountain belt includes the mountain range of Monte Motola (1700 masl) and the Massif of Alburni (1742 masl).

Almost all the rivers of Cilento National Park originate from Mount Cervati.

Area of great beauty, with its extensive forests and its pastures, in blossom period full of vast expanses of lavender and its unforgettable scent.

The magnificent view that opens between cliffs and overhanging walls offers breathtaking panoramas, which embrace the silhouette of the entire Vallo di Diano, the mountains of the Lucan Apennines, the peaks of Orsomarso, Pollino, and the sea of the Gulf of Policastro.

Its flora is a real mosaic of vegetable landscapes, ranging from the rich and varied Mediterranean scrub to coastal pine forests, from holm oaks to mixed deciduous woods of the hilly area up to yew and common holly, silver fir, birch, wrecks of the coldest climates of the past, unique throughout the Apennines.

It is in fact the only place where it is possible to see boxwood, birch and silver fir trees grow one close to other.

The fauna is very rich: Cervati is a paradise for protected species.

Otter, wolf, spectacled salamander, European wildcat, a huge number of birds: European dipper, peregrine falcon, lanner falcon, common raven, red-billed chough, diurnal birds of prey (common buzzard, kestrel, red kite, black kite, Eurasian sparrowhawk) and nocturnal (tawny owl, little owl, long-eared owl, barn owl).

And again great spotted woodpecker, Eurasian jay, black woodpecker, European green woodpecker, up to the majestic queen who dominates the sky with her two meters of wingspan: the golden eagle. 

The area is completely open to hiking, through paths and mule tracks, signs of the ancient link between the mountain and the inhabitants.

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