Boat trips to Capo Palinuro

Boat trips to Capo Palinuro


A Tour of the Cape that “already enchanted the ancient Greeks” aboard the “gozzo”, a typical fishing boat: “I’ve never seen water as transparent as the one I find approaching the harbour”, said the poet Giuseppe Ungaretti about the port of Palinuro, starting point of the tour.

After Punta Quaglia, there is the Blue Grotto. Then the Architiello (also called Finestrella), a rock arch drawn by  the erosion, one of the typical postcards of Palinuro.

Then Capo Spartivento, the wonderful Baia del Buondormire, several times voted the most beautiful beach in Italy, Marinella, Cala Longa, up to the monumental Natural Arch.

A comfortable and affordable tour not to be missed!

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