Roccagloriosa and the Gold of Lucanians

Roccagloriosa and the Gold of Lucanians


After Paestum and Velia, Roccagloriosa boasts the most important archaeological area in the entire Cilento.

The origins of Roccagloriosa are lost in the mists of time, but undoubtedly the most important settlement comes from the Lucanians, with a necropolis from the 4th century BC. whose excavations made possible to understand how advanced, cultured and organized they were.

From an archaeological point of view it is one of the best known and investigated pre-Roman sites in all Magna Graecia.

For its very high value, the Roccagloriosa archaeological area was the subject of a study by the University of Alberta, Canada. 

Thanks to these studies, it has been possible to unearth a settlement complex of exceptional value.

The excursion includes a walk in this beautiful village, among palaces and portals of extraordinary beauty, and a visit to its museums, with their incomparable heritage; the Gold of Lucanians stand out for their beauty and importance: beautiful gold jewelry (Taranto school), chiseled more than 2600 years ago, living testimony of the culture and wealth of the Lucanians, great - and too undervalued - ancient civilization.

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