The Shape of Water - Capelli di Venere Waterfall

The Shape of Water - Capelli di Venere Waterfall

Casaletto Spartano

Near the town of Casaletto Spartano, the Rio Bussentino creates characteristic water features, the most beautiful is the splendid waterfall called "Capelli di Venere". It is one of the most beautiful naturalistic treasures in Southern Italy. This fairy-tale place is in fact considered a priority habitat in the European Habitats Directive for its very high geological and hydrogeological value.

The name does not refer to the Goddess of Love Venus, but to the plant that grows very luxuriantly in this place: the maidenhair fern (called in Italian Capelvenere, so the pun with “Capelli” — Hair, and “Venere” — Venus). From the waters of the Rio Bussentino, a tributary of the Bussento River, the waterfalls build a play of lights, refractions and glows with water, moss and steam.

The spectacle is truly almost unique in its kind, while the biodiversity makes possible the observation of a very high number of different species. The nearby mill, recently renovated, is now an observation centre for Geodiversity and Biodiversity. The visit to the Hair of Venus waterfall is a must for those who come to Cilento and want to live a unique experience: the green of the forest, the transparency of the water, the sense of peace and the absolute beauty of the place give immediate well-being and indelible memories.

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